The Review Team Is Hiring! Join The Team!

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The Review Team Is Hiring! Join The Team!

Post by Myers on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:20 pm

The Review Team Is Hiring!

The ForumDirectory Review Team is currently looking for At least two new members to join the team. The Review Team's role is to create high quality feedback and critique on users sites when they request an official review. To apply you should have a good level of grammar and spelling and be able to dedicate time to not only posting here but also on other forum's as apart of your role completing Reviews. If your interested below please ensure you meet the requirements below and then shoot me (@Myers) a Private Message with the template below completed!

But why you ask join?
You get a coloured name recognising you as a Review Team Member. Turquoise is also a colour which natrually draws peoples attention, so your posts and topics will get extra exposure
As a staff member you are trusted. As such users will be more inclined to hire you if your seeking work, signup to your forums but also just want to talk to you! Community interaction and gaining new friends is a great benefit of the team
You will be paid in PD for every review your write. PD is our forum's currency and you will be able to use this to purchase upgrades and other goodies.
As a Reviewer you will be working on the frount line helping webmasters grow and expand their sites!
So the better question to ask is: Why Not Join???

Please ensure that you meet these short set of requirements before applying to the team!
You must have at least 10 posts on the forum. This is a basic requirement just so we can have a look at your posts and their quality
You must have no official warnings or bans. Reminders do not count
You must be able to be active on the forums in addition to completing your duties

If you meet the requirements and want to signup then fill out this template and private message it to me!


(These questions won't effect your application)

(These questions may effect your application)
Previous Experience:
How good is your Spelling & Grammar:
Why should we pick you for the team:

Anything Else You Wish To Add:

Applications will be left open until all vacancies are filled. Applications will be held until the next hiring cycle. If you have applied in the past please reapply again as requirements and management system has changed. If you do not meet the requirements fully but think you could still be an awesome team member go ahead and apply anyway!

I wish applicants the best of luck!

Review Team Leader
Any problems in relation to the Review Service should be sent my way via pm Smile

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