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MOBA Community - Open/Project

Post by Wyvh on Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:47 am

Status: Project
Theme: Gaming (MOBAs)
Type: Community/Communal-forums
Looking for: Partner(s) (Administrator(s) mainly)
Name: To be defined

There's this project I've had in mind for a while now. The part that will be decisive is this one : it would be a community-forums about MOBAs.

Forums about MOBAs. What would make it interesting ?
> Each MOBA will have its own section with different sub-forums (a bit like RZ), like; guides, tips, support, announcements, guilds/groups ads, and much more.
> The reason it would be interesting to reunite all those games under one unique community-forums is quite simple; MOBA is a game genre, and having many players sharing the same 'passion' for MOBAs reunited would be something crazy.

About hosting and domains ?
> All my charges. I've already got the hosting (1and1, but since i'm french, you'd guess it: it's a french server with like a 5-10ms for non-european countries, so it's okay) with unlimited bandwidth and stockage and anything can be done on it.
> Concerning the domain name, I'll take care of it aswell, of course. I just gotta make sure that it doesn't go above 20-30€ per year (even though most are under 10€)

About the name of the project
> Didn't find one yet. I thought using the domain name to make it more memorable (like [i'm not ready to spend $120/year], or a website called "MOBAit" with could be interesting aswell.

The roles to attribute / How can I help ?

I'm glad you wish to help/contribute. For now, i'm looking for only one role that can still be taken by up to 2 or 3 persons.

Site Administrator/Developer
As the role name says, this role is about being basically an administrator.

Skills required

- Speaking and writing in english fluently
- Speaking and writing in another language fluently (optional)
-Being at least 18 years old
-Having played at least one MOBA for more than 10 hours, if not more
-Having knowledges in coding (HTML/CSS/JS/MYSQL/PHP[..]) (optional but greetly appreciated, especially the bold ones)
-Having knowledges in graphics (Photoshop or anything similar) (optional)
-Having decent writing skills, being used to redact long texts and articles with paragraphs
-Knowing how to act responsibly and like a mature person (that's not optional)
-Having a good experience with forums and management overall
-Having more than 3 hours per day to spend on the project
-Being resourceful; having and sharing ideas, being open-minded
-Being able to be an actual good administrator (avoid using silly emoticons or spamming them, knowing when to warn/ban someone, etc.)

Overall: someone responsible and that knows what being an admin is like and that can be serious when needed.

There ARE a lot of conditions, but this can only prove the seriousness of this project and the motivation behind my username.


If you have any question or anything, don't hesitate.

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