Graphic Design Section Rules

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Graphic Design Section Rules

Post by Ellianna17 on Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:57 am

Rules and Guidelines


This whole section offers service and graphic assistance for your forum. We ask and recommend that you follow the rules of this forum or your request or proposal will be declined.

General Rules

  1. Follow the main rules of this forum.
    We request that you follow the main rules of this whole site. Yes, this might be another section, but this is still a part of this site. The rules are easy to follow so we expect that you obey them.
    Main Forum Rules :: FD General Rules
  2. Respect your fellow members and graphic designers.
    Please do not be rude towards the staff and members. We need to respect each other to build a wonderful community. If they hurt your feelings or said something bad, please work this out through PM's.
  3. Do not spam.
    This is a rule that we must all follow. Posts with off-topic words are considered as spam, as well as posts that contain smileys only. Bumping your requests (requests only) is allowed, a 12-hour span applied.

Graphic Request Rules

  1. 3 requests per week only.
    This rule was created to avoid a flood of requests. The exceeding requests will be locked and opened the next week.
  2. Be patient.
    Please be patient. We have personal lives so we may not provide assistance all the time. There may also be a flood of requests so we may not provide your request that fast. Please do not tag any member to make your request (this rule is not applied if you want a specific member to make your request) as this is a sign of impatience.
  3. Update your request.
    If your request thread had passed 10 days and you did not reply (only applied in threads with proposals) within 10 days, it would be garbaged.
  4. Please use the form required in requesting.
    This is done to avoid confusions and to make your request thread more informative. If you do not use it, we will give you 24 hours to update your post and if not done, it will be garbaged.
  5. Copyrights.
    Please ask for permission to the owner of the picture if you are going to use it for your request and/or proposal. We are going to remove the picture or link if it is copyrighted.
    [b]Creation Type[/b]:
    [b]Primary and Secondary Colors[/b]:
    [b]Images to Include[/b]:
    [b]Text to Insert[/b]:
    [b]Font Color[/b]:
    [b]Price Offered[/b]:
    [b]Detailed Information[/b]:
    Note: The price of the request is placed in the 'Price Offered'. It is the amount of price the requester is going to pay to the member/designer who provided the best proposal for the eyes of the requester. The minimum amount to be paid by the requester is $20.

Graphic Proposals

  1. You can use proposals even if they're not added to our gallery yet.
  2. Proposals made with generators are automatically denied.
    Graphic Proposals must be made by you. We will garbage any proposal that is proved to be made by generators.
  3. Do not copy another designer's work.
    We request that you do not copy another designer's work. Graphics that came from the internet and was not made by you will automatically be declined, as well as graphics that you copied from another designer and graphics made using generators.
  4. Be patient.
    We cannot accept your proposal swiftly, we need some time to decide whether it's accepted or not.
  5. Jealousy and anger.
    We do not want you to be jealous, in a bad way, of another member nor be angry because your work was declined. If you think that your work should be accepted, contact the designer who did not accept your work. Do not start a fight.
  6. Use the right form.
    Please use the following form if you are going to propose graphics. If you do not use it, we will give you 24 hours to change it and if it wasn't changed, it will be automatically declined.
    [b][color=#4285f4]Creation Type[/color]:[/b]
    [b][color=#444444]Font Size[/color]:[/b]
    [b][color=#4285f4]Blank Image(s)[/color]:[/b][/color]

If you had seen anyone who disrespects and disobeys the rules of this forum, please report it to a Manager or a Designer immediately.

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